When trying to redistribute all failed content on a DP I get the attached error. - client 4.1.2

Here is the error. This is on client 4.1.2


4.1.2002 had some of the same underlying changes that caused the 4.2 issue. I don’t think 4.1.2001 has the regression.

Is there a timeline on the fix?

A new version is live. Could you try downloading 4.2.2003.4501 and let me know if it helps?


Thanks Chris, same issue though. Still showing no names. Also this list is so long its off the screen, idk what im hitting. I need it to be a scroll or something. I dont want to share the screenshot here since its got our server names on it. But basically its the same as the top.

Sorry, I misread the post. This should be fixed in 4.2.2003.4601. Looking at the code, it looks like it will try to consolidate the list if more than 10 items show up as failed. I agree, the UI there needs some work.

That did fix the list view. Still cant scroll, but I can see the package names now. I don’t think its redistributing failed content still. Im fairly certain that has never worked.