Windows 10 and Remote Device Manager

Hi There, I’ve finally gotten GPOs in place to make most of the RCT Console Tools work, but am still having issues with Device Manager via Computer Management.

I have heard that this feature is actually removed in Win8+, due to the Plug and Play RPC interface being removed. Is that true? Does anyone else have the ability to use Remote Device Manager to/from Win10?

I am also unable to get this to work to/from Win7 right now, so I can’t chalk it up to that just yet. The only thing I haven’t tried is Win7 to Win7, but that’s a small use case in our environment. I also don’t want to waste a bunch of time trying something that’s actually impossible. I’ve already tried everything I’ve found from the dark depths of Google, and was thorough about it to boot (see the image below).

For the record the error I’m receiving is:

Unable to access the computer . Make sure that this computer is on the network, has remote administration enabled, and is running the “Plug and Play” and “Remote registry” services.


== Matt

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the slow reply-- we’ve done some testing on our end from Win 10 to Win 10 and everything seems to work fine, you might look into remote WMI:

Let us know what you find, thanks–