Wol 3.2.6781.28631

How do I use the WOL feature in 3.2 it looks completely different than 3.1 I don’t see a way to turn on a computer

You mean where is it? Device > Recast RCT > Console Tools > WOL (Towards bottom)? Or the configuration of WOL with Recast? That’s in the configure Recast top left tab. Working fine for me with v3.2.6781.28631

Hi Derik

This is the screen I get when I click on the WOL menu What do I need to do so I can WOL a machine from here


You can just hit Start without checking the Schedule Deployment box, and it should behave the same as the previous version of the WOL tool.

Thanks @chrism I was just over thinking this, Sorry!