WOL Sending on Wrong Port (Version specific)

So we’ve been troubleshooting an issue with RCT’s WOL function in our environment lately. We used to have an older version (3.2) where the WOL worked correctly. Since we have upgraded to version 4.5/4.4 WOL seems to ignore our settings for the port to send the packet through.

In the Configure Recast RCT app, we check the Unicast box and set the port to 12287. If we are on the latest version (4.0+), RCT reports back sending the WOL packets through port 0 and they never reach the endpoint. We had Cisco and our network teams try to trace everything back but at this point we think it’s definitely a problem with RCT.

However, I just downgraded the version to an old one we have to 3.2. This version seems to send the packets through the correct port that we configure.

If anyone has any insight as to why the newer versions of RCT could be ignoring the port setting and sending WOL packets through port 0 please let me know. We’re running on an SCCM 2016 environment as well.


I don’t have an answer for you, but am just offering a me too. Ours is also sending to port 0 instead of the configured port. In the configuration interface in RCT the port shows correctly but in the confirmation windo for the actual send. Where the Mac and IP and gateway are show, it says port 0 instead of the configured port.

To add a little bit more… waking a collection of computers using RCT appears to work. The WOL packet is received by the client and the port number shows correctly as configured in the multi-computer status window of RCT. The failure to follow the port configuration appears to only affect the tool when trying to wake a single computer. Using the built in WOL on a single computer from CM works fine though. So for now, if I need to wake a collection, I’m using RCT and for a single computer I use the built in function.