Check for Bugcheck Updates Bug?

We have a ticket open for this but I’m curious if anyone else seeing this?


Recast Right Click Tools Console Extension 5.4.2402.1403


When the Check for Bugcheck Updates checkbox option is checked, and the update check is preformed (occurs once a day), the consumer receives a prompt.


The prompt is a link for the currently installed version.



If the version check is working correctly:

The prompt is a link for the bugcheck update version.


No prompt.

I get the prompt that points to the release notes. Because I have that option selected. Does that help?

Absolutely. It means it’s not only my environment that is impacted. Thank you!

To be honest, I’m unclear as to what the impact is. What am I missing?

The product is erroneously prompting the consumer, daily, that a new release is available when there is not.

Version 5.4.2402.1403 is installed and the “new release” release notes link provided is for 5-4-2402-1403.

Additionally, the latest version available for download via the customer portal is 5.4.2402.1403. So, no new versions are “available”.

ok, I get it now. I will look into this.

Just as an aside, a new version is schedule to be this week… Wed or Thursday If I remember right. I would love to hear if it is still and issue with that. BTW, I was using a old version on my lab vm. So testing it again.

Sounds good. I’ll keep this post updated with any changes.

Recast support has confirmed this bug, documented (14542), and escalated it to their Engineering team.

Still happening in 5.5.2405.1503.


I can confirm that this is still a bug and i is currently being worked on.

Andy from Recast

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