MECM 2107 & RCT 4.8.2109.3303 = Fail to install

Software Specs:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 2107
  • Console version 5.2107.1059.3700
  • Recast Right Click Tools 4.8.2109.3303

Using the MECM Console Extensions to install receives the following error:

AdminUI.ExtensionInstaller.exe Error: 0 : Unable to install extension: XXXX because it is an invalid extension. Exception:Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.ExtensionInstaller.InvalidCustomExtensionException: Unable to validate XXXX:4.8.2109.3303 because Manifest doesn’t exists in the cab.

Hi there!

Hope all is well! Please delete and redownload the console extension and let us know if you receive the same error.



I downloaded the new version 4.8 and tried to install.

MEMCM 2010

Thank you!

It looks like the previous version may not have removed completely. Please use the Microsoft Uninstall Troubleshooter to remove any remnants:

Please attempt to install again after and let us know if you see the same error.

Sorry to disappoint you, but did not help.
I uninstalled the software with the troubleshooter but the install still fails with the same error.

No problem. Can try uninstalling again and reinstalling an earlier version like 4.6 or 4.7 and let us know if you get the same error?

@pilgi3 - way to steal a post (maybe start one of your own rather than stealing this one?). You’re on a different version of MECM and receive an entirely different error than what I posted this thread for.

Done: MEMCM 2010 - RCT can not be updated