Rerun Deployment gives "enumerator failed to movenextasync" in 5.0.2302.1001


I’ve been happily using 4.9.2210.3002 since release (as well as previous versions) and frequently use:

Right Click Tools > Client Tools on Deployment > Rerun Deployment

I installed 5.0.2302.1001 today and noted some changes as anticipated but the way “Rerun Deployment” works seemed to have changed considerably.

There’s a new standalone option for it at the top of the menu that appears to just “run” without giving you the option to choose to just run on machines with a particular status and a second entry that does give you this option.

When selecting the one that’s like the 4.9.x version and selecting to just rerun on specific machines I seem to be getting lots of pop-up windows that didn’t previously appear when doing this before, these are accompanied by an error window that says “enumerator failed to movenextasync”.

Is this expected in 5.0?

Previously if a machine couldn’t be reached or there was an issue you’d just see it in the “Unsuccessful” pane but does 5.0 give additional error pop-ups?

I’ve gone back to 4.9 for now until I can gain confidence in 5.0 but wondered if anyone else is seeing similar or if this is just my system?


Thank you for contacting the Recast Support Team. I would be happy to assist with this issue. . This is a confirmed bug that our engineering team is actively working on resolving. We will let you know as soon as an updated installer is available. Thank you for your patience.


Ola Olofinjana
Technical Support Engineer